Static Pressure Testing

  • Class times: 2 hours
  • Course tuition: $50
  • Course CEUs: 1.0


This course is a real eye-opener!

This 2 hour workshop has changed the way Home Performance contractors look at the duct system in our industry.  This course is not just about the testing procedure and reporting now required by the Home Performance program, this short workshop is also about the recommendations your company should be making based on the static pressures.  There are many up-sells that you can make based on this specialized test, as well as numerous pitfalls you can avoid in other work that you do.

You will walk out of this course with a whole new way of looking at the HVAC system and how it can better increase efficiency and comfort in your customers’ homes.  This course is a must-have for all auditors, managers, crew leaders and sales staff!

CAZ Workshop

  • Class times: 3 hours
  • Course tuition: $50
  • Course CEUs: 1.5


This 3 hour workshop focuses on one thing only – the single most important test you can perform on a home – the CAZ test. 

Many auditors of all different skill levels struggle with what exactly “Worst Case Scenario” is and how to perform this particular test properly in so many different floor plans that we see every day.  After this fast-paced workshop, you will walk out of our specialized CAZ Lab knowing precisely how to perform a perfect CAZ test in any single family residential home in America.