Success With: Home Performance Sales

  • Class times: 1 day; 8am - 4pm
  • Course tuition: $350
  • Course CEUs: 3.5


Our training has proven results!

We tracked the sales records from our first two deliveries of this comprehensive approach to Home Performance Contracting Sales.  All companies that have incorporated our HP-specific process, tools and resources have seen an increase in converting those audits into energy upgrade sales! One company sent five auditors through the class and saw an increase of 75% within the first month!  Many more saw an increase of 10-50%.

The participant will learn how to:

    • follow the proper customer service standards to create the right first impression. 
    • interview your customer to understand his or her needs. 
    • identify methods to help close the sale, including how to read buying signals and handle customers’ objections. 
    • maintain relationships and ensure customer satisfaction with the proper follow-up techniques.


This class includes a professional personality profile to help the participant communicate more effectively with different types of customers, customization ready sales templates, and does require some pre-reading. 


Success With: Quality Control

  • Class times: 1 day; 8am - 3pm
  • Course tuition: $200
  • Course CEUs: 4.0


Get it done right the first time!

This course will help your company pass all inspections while increasing your customer satisfaction, inventory control and profitability!  When implemented from a management level, it will elevate the finished quality of all Home Performance work completed in the field. 

This is essentially a plug and play quality control process for your Home Performance program or company, and it contains the Critical Details your auditors and installers can’t do without.  There is only one way to gain access to these game-changing materials.  You must attend a training to get a username and password. 

Some of the major issues this class will address include:

    • Communication gaps between the Auditor and the Crew completing the work
    • Communication gaps between the Auditor/Salesman and the Homeowner
    • Inventory issues
    • Increase quality across entire program and/or state



    • Never fail a QA inspection again!
    • No more callbacks!
    • No extra trips to the lumber yard!
    • Full accountability for Auditor, Crew leader, Installer and Manager!
    • Catching mistakes when they happen; not once the job is complete and the crew has gone home!


Success With: Incoming Phone Calls

  • Class times: TBD
  • Course tuition: TBD
  • Course CEUs: N/A